The politics of the 'TIME' 100 list

On Thursday  TIME  revealed its annual list of the  100 most influential people  in the world – a hodgepodge of business leaders, celebrities and, perhaps the least sexy of the bunch, politicians. But the best part about  TIME ’s list isn’t seeing who made this year’s cut. It’s seeing who wrote the profiles.

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Nerd Prom: Where journalists party with sources

As a reporter for Politico, Patrick Gavin used to cover those insiders. Now,  after 10 years of covering the dinner and Washington politics he’s made a documentary about the correspondents dinner, “Nerd Prom: Inside Washington’s Wildest Week”. On this week’s podcast, DecodeDC goes inside Nerd Prom with Gavin to figure out what the dinner is really for.

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DecodeDC's Mission

DecodeDC's foremost aim is to be useful. That means being a reliable, honest and highly entertaining source of insight and explanation. It also means providing multimedia coverage of Washington's people, culture, policies and politics that is enlightening and enjoyable. Whether it's a podcast, a video, an interactive graphic, a short story or a long analysis, it will be based on this guiding principle: We are in DC but not OF DC.