Find the price history of an item to help you save money online

We all love to find deals and save money. One way to do that is by using price tracking sites like

This site tracks prices of items sold on, giving you the ability to easily do research on an item you are interested in buying.  Plus, you can see the highest and lowest price an item has been sold for on, making this site an incredibly useful tool for doing your research.

I am always in need of a pair of running shoes. I love to run in the Saucony Kinvara 4 running shoes. It retails for around $89 to $100, but I don't want to pay that much. So, I head to and type in the search bar the pair of shoes for women in a size 10. The site pulls a list of those shoes varying in colors, styles and prices. It shows the current prices sold on Amazon and their third party sellers of new and used items, making this so easy.

In addition to that, if the current price is the lowest ever it will have a badge next to the price with the words "best price", or if it is a really good price it will have a badge saying “good price”. These badges are pretty helpful. Those Saucony shoes apparently are considered a "best price", so that means it is the lowest price this site has tracked on Amazon.

Let's check out the price history for these particular pair of shoes. Just click on the individual price type and a chart of the price history will come up. So you can see this particular pair of shoes does not have a long history. According to the history of prices, it only goes from April 12th to April 17th. On the 12th, these shoes were $85.82, but in just a few days it dropped down to $79.99. Hmmm,  I think I’ll wait a little longer since they are so new for the price to drop.

Hold on -- you can go back and check the site to see if the price drops or you can sign up on their site by simply providing an email address and password. Then you set a price alert and simply wait to hear back.

Once you've signed up, log on and type in the product you want. Just click on the watch icon right next to the price. If the item you want hits that price point you set, you will be notified from the email address you provided. You don't have to sign up do research on price history only if you want to set a price point.

So this site can be a great tool for helping you find deals on Amazon and for the price you want. By the way, you don’t have to search by specific product you can even search by categories like Top Price Drops or Most Popular. For me, this site is incredibly helpful so it is bookmarked and I won't shop on Amazon without checking this site first.


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