Earth Day deals: Do some good for our environment and get some treats

April 22, 2014 is Earth day. A lot of businesses will be offering some incentives to promote ways to help our environment.

One place is at Taco Guild . On Tuesday the 22, if you stop in with a dish you will get their Crooked Sky Farms vegetable taco. 

The taco normally sells for $3.95. They call this their “Call for Plates” event to help with their up-cycling program. So instead of Taco Guild buying more dishes, they use the donated dished in their restaurant.  

It is one free taco per person that donates a plate on Tuesday, April 22.

Taco Guild
546 E. Osborn Road

Help our environment by using a glass straw instead of a plastic straw. Glass Dhrama is giving you a good reason to get a $6 coupon code towards a purchase of their glass straws.

One glass straw will cost you $6 plus shipping. All you have to do is go to Glass Dhrama and take their environmental quiz and at the end of the quiz you will have to give them your email address and they will send you that $6 coupon code to get that glass straw. You can go to their site now to get that straw.

Check out this article from on some more Earth Day goodies.



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