Jimmy Kimmel talks top show moments, late night rivals and new baby in one-on-one with ABC15

Five nights a week, we get our Jimmy Kimmel fix on ABC15. But now, we're getting a glimpse of what the late night superstar is really like. 

Kimmel sat down at his favorite Phoenix hangout: Pizzeria Bianco for an exclusive, one-on-one interview. He dished about everything from awkward experiences on his show to his new brand new baby on the way.

STEPHANIE: What's been the most surreal moment on the show so far?

JIMMY: Standing in front of a video monitor with the Mayor of Toronto playing back all of his crazy clips and asking him to weigh in on them.

STEPHANIE: How did he handle it?

JIMMY: (laughs) He didn't have much in the way of answers.

STEPHANIE: How did you handle it?

JIMMY: (laughs) I handled it foolishly as usual. It's weird when you talk about somebody all of the time and there they are in the flesh. It's a lot easier to make fun of them when they're in a video clip than when they're standing next to you.

STEPHANIE: What goes through your head in the seconds before you walk on stage every night?

JIMMY: I try to remember to smile at the audience. It's easy to forget that. I do it every night. Every once in a while, I turn on the show and say, oh yeah, I'm supposed to smile at the audience. I have a tendency to march right out to my spot.

STEPHANIE: What sets your show apart from the other late night shows? What makes you better than them?

JIMMY: (laughs) I don't think I'm better than all of them. Essentially, we have the same show. When we started doing the show, I tried to figure out how I was going to make my show different. For me, it's involving my family in the show, showing behind the scenes. 

STEPHANIE: Are you ever worried Guillermo will leave your show and start his own spinoff, like Stephen Colbert?

JIMMY: I don't think Guillermo will ever leave me and I would be heartbroken if he ever did. He'll have a couple of drinks before the show, pretty much every night, I love him. Almost everything he says makes me laugh.

STEPHANIE: So, you're going to be a new dad!

JIMMY: I am, yeah, I'm an old dad and now I'm going to be a new dad.

STEPHANIE: How do you feel about it?

JIMMY: I feel excited.  My wife is starting to get a big belly, not as big as mine...

STEPHANIE: Will you be gaining the pregnancy weight with her, then?

JIMMY: My goal, I told her, is to try to lose weight while she's gaining weight. So, maybe, for one day, I would weigh less than she does

STEPHANIE: I feel like you're going to make her feel worse if that was the case. She might go into a deep depression.

JIMMY: Yeah, probably would. But the most important thing is that I feel good about myself, right?

STEPHANIE: Yes, very important. Absolutely. Have you thought about names? Boy or girl, do you care?

JIMMY: We don't know if we're going to have a boy or a girl and the only names I've suggested have been stupid, like Karate is a name I'd like to name the child. The way I look at it is if you push for a ridiculous name, when you come up with something that's even slightly reasonable, you can get it, softens them up.

STEPHANIE: OK, you have a strategy. Is this how you named your other two children?

JIMMY: Yes, this is how I named my children Regis and Kelly.

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